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Welcome to the Trojans Club 

We are the largest amateur sports club in Hampshire and have long history of playing sport both at the top level and the more social level. The Club is open every day.

There are 4 main sports played at the Stoneham Park Grounds - Rugby, Hockey, Squash and Cricket.

There a range of other games and pastimes taking part and being managed on site.

With over a 1000 multi sports members from all across the local community we are run by volunteers for the benefit of the community.

Latest News

The work on the Hardmoor site started today ( 21st Jan), and is expected to last for 6 months.

This will included the total demolition and rebuilding of all the facilities there, and we have just received the lease which we will have the option to take on, meaning that we would get access to new changing rooms, more parking and more sports facilities for a £1 a year.More about this can be found on the developments page.....