Trojans have been working to progress a potential development, to provde enhanced sports facilities to the Hampshire community

Eastelgh Borough Council have identified a strategic development area on land close to Trojans for around 1100 houses, roads, schools, commnity centres etc. This will need to go through a full planning process to ensure it meets landscape, highways, and all sorts of other requirements.

This potentially will build upon some existing and historic playing fields, which will need to be replaced if the development is to go ahead.

And potentially some of this could be relocated to an expanded and enhanced Trojans, as well as other places across Eastleigh. This could potentially be very exciting and for the thousands of members of the community who are its regular users.

This is set out in more detail on the website

and attached below are two diagrams which show what an expanded pitch layout could look like, and what a new clubhouse could look like, both of which would provide a significant community benefit. These have been put together by a development group made up of volunteer members from across the club

Click here to download this file

Click here to download this file

If you are interested in more details please email