Trojans have been working to progress a potential development, to provde enhanced sports facilities to the Hampshire community

There are five main development areas happening

Firstly, there is a bucket load of houses being built, and they are coming with new road infrastructure, so very soon there will be direct access off the motorway to Trojans via a roundabout by the Concorde Club, but also, and of more interest to the bar takings, a cycle path to the club along Stoneham lane.

Secondly, as part of this development Eastleigh Borough Council, now own the neighbouring Hardmoor Sports fields, and are totally redeveloping this over a 6 month period, with the intention of then leasing this to Trojans to use, and manage, at £1 a year. We now have the proposed lease agreement, and are working through it to see any issues and risks which need managing before agreeing to take this on, and will be discussing this with members over the next few months.

Thirdly, the RFU have planning permission to build an artificial playing pitch on the first team rugby pitch, and are planning to start at the end of this season and be done by May. This will then become the local RFU hub for rugby, and be used as much as possible - we lease the ground to them, get paid a facility fee, and have the option to take on the management of the facility also, for a fee, another decision which needs to get made....

Fourthly, we are being offered the piece of land behind Bannister park bowls to expand into, by the developers, in a land swap with the Eastleigh and District Angling club, who we would give a small strip of land right at the end of our land, which we don't use and they have access too, this new land would be big enough for all sorts of stuff..

...and fifth and finally at present, linked to the housing development we are going to get a significant sum of money to improve the clubhouse, which with additional match funding, if we pull our proverbial fingers out, we could do almost anything - the options for how we spend this will also be put to the members.

So there's a lot going on...we will try to keep everyone updated on all of this, but takes a bit of time, so bear with us..