This should tell you a little about our club...

About the club

The Club is open every day.

The bar is open from 5pm on weekdays and all day at weekends. Look out for Chris our bar and catering manager - he is the font of all things bar, if you have any questions.

There are 4 main sports played at the Trojans - Rugby, Hockey, Squash, Cricket. There a range of other games and past times taking part on site.

With over a 1000 multi-sports members we are run by volunteers for the benefit of the community, with a small number of paid staff, Dave the groundsman, Carole in the office, and too many to name behind the bar!

The Trojans Club is a community-based amateur sports club. This means we are run by the members, for the members and are open to everyone. We are probably the best equipped club of this type in Hampshire, and have probably the most members. We receive no ongoing support from local or national sports authorities, and are totally reliant on our members subscriptions, bar takings and fund-raising for our continued survival.

We are very fortunate that we run the bar and catering business, so can supply food after the club games, at festivals, or at the end of season dinners. It also means that should the members want private functions done then we are the go to place. We also welcome non-members who can also book the facilities.

Trojans is owned and run by its members who come from all across the community, and anyone can join. Each of the sports basically run themselves from our shared premises, but if you join, you join the club, not a sport. At the end of each year the general Committee reports to the Annual General Meeting, and positions are filled.

The general committee is made up of the Chairman, Vice chair, Secretary, Treasurer and President, plus up to three floor members, and the chairs of the four main sections. It is this committee that runs the club on a day to day basis. Above this general committee is the board of directors who are responsible for the company limited by guarantee, without share capital, which is the formal structure of the club.

So as not to tax our organogram specialist too much, we'll move to metaphor:

Think of a pear....

..the bulk of people using the club ( or the pear in this metaphor) are our ripe, juicy members,

..contained within the pear are the pips of the general committee, a small number of individuals at the core of the club,

..and making sure it doesn't all come crashing down, but continues to grow, sitting above this, in pear speak, is the stalk, or the board of directors.