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Not everything you hear at the bar is true...here is the info which is on the back page of the bar menu each month, together with a bit more detail as the bar menu is not awfully high tec!

March 2019

February 2019 





So..... Hardmoor really is getting totally demolished, if you want to se the plans, follow the two links below



We have been offered the lease on this for £1 a year. It is likely to be complete by July, and would make sense if we want to to take it on from September as the seasons change. If we take it on, there will be a

There will be a brand new, Sport England Specification two room changing facility with showers and toilets, contained within a small cricket type pavilion, as well as a new access road and lit parking for about 150 cars, and an indoor archery range.

The plan is that the Archery club, who are well run and one of the largest in England, get to use the outside areas, but we use it for cricket, rugby, or football, and can keep any income that we generate up to a limit of around £6k per year.

We also insure, manage and maintain the facility, but the archery club pay for their use, and with the income from them and other income it should mean that we get a sustainable asset which can significantly improve what the club can offer the community.

We need to work through what the costs and benefits are, and will need to make a decision before September, which would have to be a decision made by the whole club. If we do choose to take on the lease its for 35 years, but there are break clauses for us at regular periods if for whatever reason we choose not to carry on.

We would probably have to take on another groundsman to do this,  possibly an apprentice, but actually the work may not be too strenuous, so for example our existing cricket square is very big as we only have one, if we move to having two, we can reduce the size of the main one significantly...

so lots to ponder... 


The latest on the road schemes and the roundabouts, and cycle path is that they should all be done by March, these are significant bits of engineering, especially where the road has to go over the major water main to Southampton ( see if you can spot where this is...)

There is also £8 ( eight!) million being invested either side of Stoneham lane the other side of the motorway, this involves a club house, three full size artificial football pitches, numerous grass pitches and piles of car parking. This is where AFC Stoneham, ( who were up by the golf driving range) and the Eastleigh and District mini football league go, who were on the land opposite the Concorde club.

There are now people living in the houses, and the church are organising a regular  receptions for new residents to introduce themselves to local clubs / groups / businesses,  to which Trojans are going. 

December 2018 


Christmas Parties 

We did have just over 10,000 people come through the big marquee which raises a lot of money for the club. It seemed to go a lot smoother this year than last year, this was mainly due to a number of changes that happened - there were more parking marshals on site, the set up was more closely controlled by our groundsman to prevent the rutting that occurred last year, and there was more space to park.

\Within a week of the marquee coming down, the site was clear, cut, scarified, fertilised ,and grass sown, with further seedings due. Compared to last year, when the east Antarctic plateaux paid a visit, it looks like were about 8-10 weeks ahead, so its looking very positive for the outfield to be in good condition for cricket season.

RFU investment 

The RFU received the final bit of planning permission for the 3 g pitch in early January. This means they can begin to build on the 1st XV pitch once we've checked and signed the lease  ( they pay for our solicitors to do this), and then they have access to the site for 35 years, replacing and maintaining the facility as is needed. We get paid a small amount for wear and tear on the clubhouse ( which will vary depending on what it actually costs), and have the options to get paid slightly more to manage the facility on their behalf - take the bookings, pick up rubbish, say hello to users, that sort of thing. We need to make a decision on this, and will be talking to other clubs ( everyone else has said yes to this) to see what the realities of this are.

The club then should become significantly busier as the RFU intention is that it is use all the time, hence the name of their programme 'Rugby 365' - but this should mean a significantly higher throughout of people at the club, which hopefully will do wonders for bar profits, raise our profile, attract some new players, attract some old players etc etc.

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 November 2018