The Trojans Club is managed by a board of directors.  Beneath them is a General Committee made up of members from all Sections who run the club on a day to day basis so that the club can be maintained and developed as a multi-sports club for all ages.

 Volunteers are always welcome.

The club is constitutionally a Company Limited by Guarantee, without share capital.

This is all quite dull, but it means that, if you read the constitution, we are open to everyone and anyone, the directors are not able to make a profit, we are intending to provide sport and sports facilities to the community, we are not for profit, everyone who is a paid up adult member gets a vote in big decisions, and no assets are able to be distributed to members on dissolution.

I wouldn't recommend reading the thing, as it goes on for about 30 pages, but what this means is that were able to access lots of grants, as basically we're a good thing!

And if you're sad enough to not get out much, you can read other club's constitutions and see how we differ.

For example, a multi sports club, north and within 10 miles of Trojans, has rule 5(ii)....

'Every candidate for membership of the Club shall apply on the form provided by the General Manager who will consider all applications. The General Manager has the authority to decide whether to accept or reject an application for membership provided that the Management Committee is informed of all rejections with accompanying reasons and also that any individual whose application has been rejected may appeal to the Management Committee for the decision to be changed. At the General Manager's discretion, the name and address of every applicant for membership shall be displayed on the Club notice board for not less than two days before the application is considered.'

Whereas ours says

'For the avoidance of doubt membership is open to all without discrimination and may only be refused where admission to membership for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute and no person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, nationality, creed, colour, age, disability, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs.'     

This is important

The point here is that we're not like some other clubs. 

We're open to anyone. Come and join us.

You are welcome. We don't care who you are, or where you come from.

Just buy the lot below a drink occasionally... 

As a limited company (reg. number - 11517194), we have a small  number of formal directors who have overall responsibility for the club. There are up to 12 directors, who come from the 5 formal club positions, a nomination of 1 person from each section, and 3 other members, all elected at the AGM, with the exception of the section nominees. They are at present;

President: Mike Watts,

Chairman: Campbell Williams,

Vice Chairman: Lee Foster, 

Secretary Wynn Jones

Treasurer Vacant

Hockey: Kim Waters

Rugby: Laura Self,

Squash: Simon Dancer,

Cricket, Sandy Hill

General Directors Duncan Parker,



The lot above meet about quarterly, the actual day to day running of the club falls to the general committee who are

Chairman, Campbell Williams

Vice Chairman: Lee Foster


Known by many around the club simply by the nickname Wolfie, I have been playing Rugby for Trojans for 20 years and have been active running the Rugby section media and Social media for the last 6. 

Honorary Secretary: Wyn Jones


Since joining in 1987 Wyn has been a Rugby player and coach, played Squash, and since retirement through injury has been heavily involved in the administrative side of things both for Rugby and the Club. He is keen supporter of Cricket and Rugby and watches the first teams of both whenever he can.

Treasurer: Vacant

Rugby Chairman: Laura Self

Cricket Chairman: Alex Hill

Hockey Chairman: Simon Gibbons

Simon is the third generation of Trojans in his family, and the next generation are playing for us too! His Grandfather was a Hockey player back when Trojans merged with the then Southampton Hockey Club. His father Captained both Cricket and Hockey and was part of the management team when Trojans moved to Stoneham Lane and Simon himself has also been Chairman of both Hockey and the Trojans Club and, to help out, Cricket.

 A Trojan through and through.

Squash Chairman: James Laird

Hi, I am James Laird, a member since the age of 8 and a lover of the Trojans. I have tried all the sports on offer but my passion is Squash. I still play for the club, having played county Juniors and at University. My father was a member and now my nephew is a Mini Squash player. If you see me without a back-pack and some rackets tell me as I must have left them somewhere! 

Floor members:

Duncan Parker